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musings (part 2)

Before God can vindicate us, He must first scrutinize us.  1 Corinthians 4:4   Jesus’ first action on this earth was to completely trash Mary and Joseph’s reputations. Being Spirit-led is more important than man’s opinion.   “When you’re a … Continue reading

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the burning tribe

The age of the warriors has come again. I stand watch on the wall and see them coming–men and women with faces bronzed and glowing in the light of the Son. I see young children marked by destiny who’ve willingly … Continue reading

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eyes to see and ears to hear

  I’ve been contending lately for an increase in prophetic anointing in my life. With creation groaning in the birth pains of the end times, sometimes it’s helpful to stop and remember the promise of a massive revival that is … Continue reading

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what i see when i’m blind

my first coherent thought this morning was that rules regarding working hours should change with the weather. today’s one of those hazy, gray days that threaten rain but never quite follow through. when the alarm clock went off at 6:00 … Continue reading

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