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the meekest one

In the beginning was the Word of God incarnate.  The Word took a physical body and lived with us.  He was light shining in the darkness, hope in the face of despair, love blooming in hate, beauty in squallor, perfection … Continue reading

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battle scars and racing stripes

I was in an in-between, “sort of” dialogue with the Lord earlier today–meaning I was halfway praying and partly complaining, and He inserted Himself into my musings.  Let me be frank from the beginning and admit that I sometimes think … Continue reading

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missing you…

Things have felt a little distant this week with the one my heart loves. I’ve been helping out with Vacation Bible School at the church every night, so we haven’t exactly had the time together I’m used to. I know … Continue reading

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just a short thought on being grateful

Several of us at the church have been pushing for a greater awareness of what it means to be grateful lately. My brother has been especially pivotal in bringing this valuable lesson to the forefront, coupling it with the lessons … Continue reading

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