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September 18, 2010

Dear Friends, The most critical hour of human history is upon us. Evil is rising at an unprecedented rate, propelling us forward to the coming of the antichrist and his one world order, and ultimately to the triumphant return of … Continue reading

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Productive Pain

My friend, Sara, is one of my role models.  She has what I like to call “forefather-faith”–the kind of stubborn trust in the faithfulness of God that sent Abraham away from his family looking for a land he’d never seen; … Continue reading

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Thick, black smoke billowed across the sky, hanging like thunder-heads on the horizon.  Orange streetlights glared down into the pavement.  Orange flames licked the blazing car stalled on the interstate.  Shards of glass littered the black top, glinting red and spiraling light … Continue reading

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begin with them

His sincerity made me smile, and though I could not see him through my closed eyes, I imagined him flicking back a lock of hair to expose the  impassioned crease furrowing his brow.  I caressed the cold carpet with my fingertips, half of me … Continue reading

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God’s song

I heard God singing to me tonight during our house of prayer set.  ________ “How long?  How long? I long, I long for you!” Hear the cry of the bridegroom God: “How long?  How long? I long!  I long for … Continue reading

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