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Another Love Story — Part 5

“Isaac is coming!  Isaac is on his way.  You’ve waited long, but Isaac will come as God has promised.  And the Lord says to get rid of the Ishmael.”  ~”Reverend T.” Mississippi, Spring, 2006  “God, can I have her?” From … Continue reading

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Another Love Story–Part 2

“God, do You just not care about my feelings?  I’m lonely!”   It was the fall of my senior year in high school in Asia.  I was seventeen years old, all arms and eyebrows, and convinced I was invisible.  My best … Continue reading

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my being in Him

How do you see yourself?  Who is the person who stares back at you in the mirror?  A friend of mine recently posted this as her status on facebook: Are you so busy trying to change yourself that you have … Continue reading

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The Lion: “I wish I were…”

“I wish I were braver,” says Lucy Pevensie in the 2008 cinematic portrayal of C.S. Lewis’s “Prince Caspian.” Aslan replies, “If you were any braver, you’d be a lioness,” and a smile dawns across her face. When we next see … Continue reading

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Through His Eyes

I will not fear the desert place–it is there that You speak to me with greatest tenderness. I will not mourn lost popularity–You speak Your secrets to the solitary who will take time to listen. I will not begrudge sleepless … Continue reading

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