There are many kinds of mothers.

Here’s to the ones who smilingly dandle nieces and nephews while their trash cans hide the heartbreak of yet another negative pregnancy test. Heres’s to the ones who carried and released a child they will not know until eternity. Here’s to the ones placing their Mother’s Day bouquets on tombstones and dropping priceless tears on fading photo albums.

Here’s to the ones baptized in self-sacrificing love as they nestle the foster children they’ve cherished into someone else’s arms. Here’s to the ones crossing oceans, time zones, zip codes, or just streets to give a child a home. Here’s to the empty-nesters pouring out their lives in church nurseries, the Annas whose widowhood bore an inheritance in the place of intercession.

Here’s to the rocking-chair inhabitants in NICUs thanking God for every labored breath. Here’s to the nurses monitoring ragged breathing and fluctuating heartbeats in the blue-black of 2:17 A.M. Here’s to the teachers living in empty apartments and hoping for their “someday.” Here’s to the caseworkers, the police officers, the attorneys who close their office doors, crawl under their desks, and cry over what they’ve seen. These are mothers in heart and mothers in soul.

Here’s to the waiting ones kneeling by empty little beds and praying for abductors to have a change of heart. Here’s to the kind of love that never gives up on prodigals.

And yes, here’s to the ones in bathrobes with unwashed hair, picking up the same toy for the fifth time; digging through the assortment of rubber bands, plastic beads, coupons, and unread mail that inevitably collects on the kitchen table; forgetting to eat lunch while toddler chasing; wondering if sleep schedules and potty training will ever coincide. While we learn each day the balance of priorities, may we never forget the women who would give everything to take our place.

Happy Mothers’ Day

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One Response to Mother

  1. Cindy says:

    This was wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

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