Today is December 20, 2012, and I’ve officially seen one too many pictures, heard one too many stories, read one too many articles about children who have died before they had a chance to live.  I’ve had enough.

Enough needless casualties of war.

Enough mutilated children caught in crossfire.

Enough unchecked wickedness.

Enough misery masquerading as “God’s will.”

Enough lies that God doesn’t care.

‘Who sinned that this man was born blind?’  ‘Neither, but that the work of God might be manifested in his life.”  God is glorified in healing and in miracles, not in the suffering of children.  Not in the hopelessness of broken marriages.  Not in the grief of death before its time.  Enough.

Is your faith ready for this?  Do you have the determination of Bartimaeus welling in you as a shout that bursts forth the more “they” try to silence you?  Can you cling to the One who was beaten beyond recognition specifically for the healing of our bodies–not just for your own healing but with the determination that He loves to heal?

We give up on people too easily.

No, hear me.  We give up too easily.  We are fickle with our love, with our prayers, with our compassion.  We look for loopholes not to pray, not to trust, not to hang on with both hands.  Both hands?  We should be holding on with both feet and teeth too!  Where is the faith that snatches the unbeliever from the fire?  Where is the dogmatic faith that stares down doctors and defies them to harvest the organs of the vegetative child God promised would live?  Where is the faith that restores relationships?  That raises the dead?  Do we have the courage to lay hands on the sick in grocery stores and expect miracles?

God have mercy on our apathy, our quickness to believe that chronic pain (both emotionally and physically) is God’s will.

These signs WILL FOLLOW those who believe…

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5 Responses to Enough

  1. Memom Peggy says:

    the truth shall set you free. This is the whole truth.I Just heard God’s voice in those words.We can do better than we have been doing.

  2. Sara Shelton says:

    Thank you!

  3. Renee Bynum says:

    Amen and amen! Very well said!!!

  4. Josef Sefton says:

    Thank you, Chrystal, for a very beautiful God-honouring website! Truly we have seen enough needless suffering. May God Triune continue to bless, love, lead and inspire you in the challenging and rewarding times that you will meet with courage and boldness in 2013.

    Christians, let’s worship thankfully, with praise in our heart, our righteous King and Rescuer. Let’s praise Him for satisfying our spiritual thirst and for reviving our soul.

    Come to LORD Jesus, all who labor and are heavy laden, and He will give you rest. Take His yoke upon you, and learn from Him, for He is gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. (See Matthew 11:28-30)

    You too, precious readers, have the opportunity to hear the voice of Jesus saying,” Come unto Me and rest; trust and obey Me.

    Friends, though you be weary, seek with your whole heart. mind, soul and strength to find out about Jesus, so that you can learn from Him.

    Friends, you can come to learn from Jesus as you are. No matter how weary, worn, and sad you currently feel; search for Him wholeheartedly and you’ll have an opportunity to bless and worship God’s Beloved in whom you alone can find a resting place for your soul. Truly He will, if you trust and obey Him, make you glad!

    Will you come to Almighty God and gratefully and reverentially drink from his life-giving word, the Holy Bible?

    Sincere searchers for God who are as yet unsaved, may God so bless you that you desire fervently and faithfully to live continuously in the precious, healing love and light of Christ.

    Worship reverentially the Son of righteousness, LORD Jesus Christ, and blessing upon blessing will accompany you both now and in eternity to the glory of God Triune.

  5. Josef Sefton says:

    We are all looking forward to hearing from Chrystal in 2013! It’s going to be a year in which we ought to make every effort to remain diligent in studying thr holy Bible. Have a productive and fulfilling time!

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