to say thanks (part 6)

81.  studies in Joel by Mike Bickle.  When we start looking at the world from an endtimes perspective and really grasp that Revelation is absolutely relevant to how we live our lives, we start realigning our priorities.

82.  friends who know their way around my kitchen, and don’t ask if they can have a glass for their drink.

83.  days that don’t drag on forever.  No matter the stress or the pain, this too shall pass.

84.  a trip to the beach when I hadn’t had a vacation in years.  I had more fun building the sandcastle extraordinaire than she did.

85.  challenges to my perspective.  That woman who today completely mocked my views regarding guarding my eye and ear gates was an opportunity to learn how to be even more humble and more direct in expressing what I believe. 

86.  that friend who You sent to compliment and encourage me the other day when I was having one of those “no one cares what I have to say” moments….again.  Maybe one day it won’t matter what people think.  I’m struggling to enter Your rest there, Lord.

87.  little JN.  He’s such a beautiful child, and he’s brought great joy already.

88.  JN’s parents.  What an untold blessing they’ve turned out to be–and such a testimony of how You honor us when we reach out for friendship.

89.  C–yet another example of this.  White roses, Disney movies, chats late into the night, laughter and tears….who knew a little birthday party could lead to such a beautiful friendship?  You.

90.  chatting with JD about Romans.  I love his perspective–among other things =)

(see part 5 here)

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2 Responses to to say thanks (part 6)

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Sounds like a fantastic exercise focusing on thankfulness.

    We built our share of sand castles this year as well–the kids look forward to their annual trip to the ocean.

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