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The Lion: “I wish I were…”

“I wish I were braver,” says Lucy Pevensie in the 2008 cinematic portrayal of C.S. Lewis’s “Prince Caspian.” Aslan replies, “If you were any braver, you’d be a lioness,” and a smile dawns across her face. When we next see … Continue reading

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Merry Heart Meditations (part 1)

…because God has a sense of humor… Definition of “A Beans Day” It had been a high stress day at work; I came home exhausted and had a raging headache.  JD decided to be kind and start dinner for me–minestrone soup, at my … Continue reading

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Productive Pain

My friend, Sara, is one of my role models.  She has what I like to call “forefather-faith”–the kind of stubborn trust in the faithfulness of God that sent Abraham away from his family looking for a land he’d never seen; … Continue reading

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