to say thanks (part 5)

61.  date-night at home.

62.  the live webstream of the prayer room–(laura hackett’s rendition of “joyful, joyful” this week, specifically)

63.  nights to dance around and laugh in the living room with my family.

64.  a place to call my home; something seemingly stable and permanent for the first time in a decade.

65.  the book of psalms–especially david’s psalms.  he was so open and so vulnerable with his emotions and his heart.

66.  the way everything seems to just shrink down when we put it into writing.  You’ve made such a beautiful release through the written word, and nothing is as painful when it’s expressed.

67.  provision for a new roof already.  it shall be well because You are the source and the pipeline–and i have never lacked for anything.

68. increased mobility in jordan’s life.  it’s amazing to me how You’ve taken a young man so far down that the doctors were ready to harvest his organs and brought him out to a place where he’s interacting and responding to external stimuli.  thank You for his mom’s amazing faith, and for the privilege of walking this out with her. 

69.  jim.  way too much to say there today, but we’ve talked about this before.  how beautifully You crown the desolate with joy and place the lonely into families!

70.  and along those lines–jim’s family…such wonderful, kind people.  just look at the things You’ve done for me!  my cup overflows!

71.  sparing billy’s life this week.  and thanks in advance for renewing purpose and vision–for bringing  the good out of this that i know You will.

72.  parents who prioritize family emergencies over planned events. 

73.  being merciful in the face of my selfishness.  i still miss Your mark so much, but You are so very kind in Your dealings with me….

74.  which leads me back to jim.  thank You for a man who challenges me in love and doesn’t browbeat me in the effort to conform me to what he thinks i should be.  thank You for a man who makes it safe to like myself.

75.  coffee, lillies, and the color red. 

76.  the fact that there’s always something new in the world to try and to learn. 

77.  the fact that You define who we are and You label us by our future, not our past.  tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.

78.  creativity that abounds in what You’ve made and in what we make.  you are limitlessly creative, and You’ve made us to be like You.

79.  c.s. lewis’ “till we have faces”–it’s always so encouraging the way You give us our little wants.  You saw how much i’ve wanted that book over the months but opted not to spend the money to buy it, and You sent it to me anyway.  truly, You give the heart-level desires to the ones who delight themselves in You.

80.  making new friends, embracing old friends, and learning to hold people with an open hand.

(see part 4 here)

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