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give me Your Name…

“What an idiot!” “You’re such a doofus!” “Did you see that jerk just cut me off?” “Why are you being so stupid?” “Ugh–he’s so annoying!” ____________________________________ The pastor of the church I visited this past Sunday spoke on the tripartite nature … Continue reading

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Thick, black smoke billowed across the sky, hanging like thunder-heads on the horizon.  Orange streetlights glared down into the pavement.  Orange flames licked the blazing car stalled on the interstate.  Shards of glass littered the black top, glinting red and spiraling light … Continue reading

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to say thanks (part 5)

61.  date-night at home. 62.  the live webstream of the prayer room–(laura hackett’s rendition of “joyful, joyful” this week, specifically) 63.  nights to dance around and laugh in the living room with my family. 64.  a place to call my home; something … Continue reading

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love song

i’ll walk through the fire if You will refine me. i’ll go through the desert place if You’ll water my soul. though i may long for the green of the valley, i’ll chase You on mountain-tops my love. i’ll glory … Continue reading

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the meekest one

In the beginning was the Word of God incarnate.  The Word took a physical body and lived with us.  He was light shining in the darkness, hope in the face of despair, love blooming in hate, beauty in squallor, perfection … Continue reading

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