new pages

There’s a new section here at the Thoughts In the Watchtower site.  A new page entitled “Scripture Thoughts” should be showing up under  the link to my bio.  I’m going to start keeping a journal-style, stream-of-consciousness type log of some of my journeying through the Word.  I’ll mostly have word studies and rough analyses of short passages of Scripture.  Please feel free to comment on anything (the more the better)–we go deeper into God when we go together, and I learn so much from discussing Scripture with other people. 

Bless you!!

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4 Responses to new pages

  1. Joe says:

    That’s great Chrystal…I look forward to reading your insights and am glad you are expanding your writing…good news for us !

    Blessings to you –

  2. sierra white says:

    I added you to my “Blogs I follow” on my site.
    I look forward to reading what God is doing and saying!
    God Bless

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