to say thanks (part 4)

41.  francis frangipane’s book, “the stronghold of God.”  i’ve been challenged, encouraged, inspired, convicted, and so blessed.  best of all is the reminder that the old testament heroes of the faith were regular people…just like me.

42.  new music, and new perspectives.  i’m loving luke wood’s “light up my life” off of his “law and the prophets” cd lately.  the words have become my quiet prayer (a quietness that does not make it any less desperate): light up my life with a love so bright i’d deny anything with a lesser glow than knowing You.  unlock my soul in a way i’ve never known.  come into Your garden and find Your home in me.

43.  divine appointments.  God using random strangers to bring miraculous breakthroughs.  if only you could see the tears in my eyes as i type this.

44.  my varied, multi-colored, multi-ethnic, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional group of friends. 

45.  the way the sun looks streaming through my windows and dancing across the top of my philodendron plant after weeks of rain and leaving home before the sun really starts to come up.

46.  new revelations out of the book of revelation.  have you ever noticed that when john is caught up to heaven (chapter 4), the first thing he mentions seeing is the throne and not the One seated on it?  he did the same thing in chapter 1, riveting on the seven candlesticks before talking about the One walking in them.  was the person of God so intense that john had to adjust his gaze looking at something else first?  or was it an example of “not being able to see the forest for the trees” (a fault that is sadly present too much of the time in my own life)?

47.  thousands of men and women sieging for life at the call, houston last month.  and yes, i am “one of those” people.

48.  tax refunds.  or even just breaking even.

49.  grace that gives strength to fast, pray, study the Bible, etc.  we can only love God with the love He gives us–we’re not strong enough in ourselves to give Him anything He deserves.  it takes the Holy Spirit empowering our hearts in love to keep us locked-in gazing at the Father.

50.  nicknaming people (and being nicknamed).  the more random the better. 

51.  inside jokes that establish rapport and let it be known to all that there is a history of friendship that exists here.

52.  letting other people in on the inside joke.  three-fourths of the fun is sharing the joke so that other people can appreciate the irony/humor/absolute-silliness of the situation and laugh along as well.

53.  the game hand-and-foot.

54.  ice cream with friends while playing hand-and-foot.

55.  whispered prayers that don’t make sense because you’re half-asleep (especially when you finally wake up and think, wait…what?).  i think God likes giggling over them too. 

56.  getting to see two of my favorite people again for the first time since april in a little over a month. 

57.  bank holidays that push payday up a couple of days.

58.  lillies.  specifically the way they last for days; the beauty of their many colors; and that rich, fresh fragrance that transports me to a hilltop somewhere far away from distractions every time.

59.  God’s patience with me when i’m stubborn and sheep-headed (yes, i meant to say sheep), ungrateful for His tenderness, and easily spooked even when He’s standing right there beside me.  mike bickle’s message on feasting on God has left me with a new appreciation/paradigm for psalm 23.

60.  resources online, and people with open, generous hearts.

(part three here)

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5 Responses to to say thanks (part 4)

  1. Rachel says:

    Great list here – there is so much to be thankful for!


    • Chrystal says:

      so much! i tend to fall into the category of moaning, “God never answers my prayers….” when, in reality, i just don’t see Him moving because i don’t stop and take the time to thank Him for what He does. making a 1,000 things list helps hold me accountable. my blog-friend, claire, introduced me to the idea….her lists are always encouraging, too.

      =) bless you!

  2. Slamdunk says:

    On your #41: This is something that took me awhile to realize. God doesn’t call superheroes they were human beings with strenghts and weaknesses as we all have.

    On your #47: Thank you for your courage.

    • Chrystal says:

      you have it exactly right there–sometimes i feel like i have to have it all together before God can use me….and ultimately, that’s pride expressing itself. God shines through in our weakness…but can’t display His power if we refuse to be vulnerable. i am such a walking contradiction sometimes; i plead for power and pray for miracles, but refuse to walk in the lowliness that He requires for the releasing of His Spirit. we’re blessed that He’s patient!

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