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new pages

There’s a new section here at the Thoughts In the Watchtower site.  A new page entitled “Scripture Thoughts” should be showing up under  the link to my bio.  I’m going to start keeping a journal-style, stream-of-consciousness type log of some of … Continue reading

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to the streets, i say!

Ah, February 14.  It stirs up so many emotions…  A few years ago when I was a first-year undergraduate, I “observed” by wearing a black shirt to classes.  A year or two later, I’d progressed to wearing all black.  I … Continue reading

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to say thanks (part 4)

41.  francis frangipane’s book, “the stronghold of God.”  i’ve been challenged, encouraged, inspired, convicted, and so blessed.  best of all is the reminder that the old testament heroes of the faith were regular people…just like me. 42.  new music, and new … Continue reading

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begin with them

His sincerity made me smile, and though I could not see him through my closed eyes, I imagined him flicking back a lock of hair to expose the  impassioned crease furrowing his brow.  I caressed the cold carpet with my fingertips, half of me … Continue reading

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God’s song

I heard God singing to me tonight during our house of prayer set.  ________ “How long?  How long? I long, I long for you!” Hear the cry of the bridegroom God: “How long?  How long? I long!  I long for … Continue reading

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