to say thanks (part 2)

Dijon-Cilantro Tuna Salad on Whole Grain Bread12. the memory of that one perfect day eating tuna fish sandwiches and catching catfish under a cloudless cerulean sky.

13.  that one email that came out of nowhere the other day from a friend who didn’t know just how much i needed to hear she’d been praying for me.

14.  that You don’t give up on me, and when You talk behind my back it’s always a positive thing.  You don’t reprimand needlessly, and You choose to label me by my future and not my failures.

15.  karen and her vision/leadership.  sometimes i get so overwhelmed by the dream of a house of prayer here in the city.  i feel like it can’t possibly happen because we’re so tiny and so weak.  her enthusiasm and faith are contagious, and i always come away feeling inspired.

16.  darron.  so many ups and downs, some painful memories but so much side-splitting laughter…and at the end of the day, sometimes he’s the only one i feel understands me–even when he doesn’t always agree.

17.  the fact darron doesn’t always agree…and says so.

18.  random strangers who become friends.Bible Study 2

19.  monday night Bible study.  we are the oddest assortment of people, and most of us have nothing in common except You, but somehow it works.  i always learn something, and almost always meet someone new.

20.  meeting new people.  it’s so funny that i used to be terrified of the thing that so often fulfills me now.  You have such creativity, and finding that spark of “kindred spirit” in people feels like a treasure hunt.  everybody has a story to tell.  every person i meet shapes my life in some way…just like You intended.

21.  the way ethan screams my name when he is surprised to see me.  the great tragedy of adulthood is in how we so often mask our enthusiasm for the sake of pride.

(part one here)

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