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love is a […] thing

“God, I’m so tired of hurting.  Love isn’t supposed to be this difficult.  I can’t do this anymore.” The prayer had become second-nature.  The teenage broken heart has no comfortable middle-ground between extremes.  Almost ten years later, and after having … Continue reading

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to say thanks (part 2)

12. the memory of that one perfect day eating tuna fish sandwiches and catching catfish under a cloudless cerulean sky. 13.  that one email that came out of nowhere the other day from a friend who didn’t know just how … Continue reading

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musings (part 1)

Passionate people with a God-focus always either provoke us to jealousy (and thus like-minded passion) or are “too much” and thus make us uncomfortable.  Either way, they’re going to be controversial.  Trying to hold onto thought patterns that God prunes away … Continue reading

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In order for faith to mature it needs situations where faith alone can sustain us. For this reason, God will allow us to go through times when we must trust Him in spite of how things appear. In those times, … Continue reading

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Life. Biological clocks. Career pressures. Trying to get ahead. Church business. Hanging out with friends. Grocery shopping. Buying a house. Finding that perfect pair of jeans. Day-dreaming about that one special person.  Going to weddings. Planning weddings. Visiting people in … Continue reading

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