weight of the Word

Scripture is God-breathed, God-inspired, God-orchestrated. It encourages and convicts. It pierces and divides, weighing motives and analyzing intentions. The power of intercession and the glory of the intercessor comes in learning to speak the Word written on our hearts. Intercession, at its foundational level, is simply conversing with God about what He’s said.

What has blessed me so much today has been thinking about the weightiness of quoting Scripture. I know sometimes I’ve been guilty of falling in to the glib, sing-song recital approach of, “GodsolovedtheworldthatHegave. . . .” Make time. Get through it. Say it as fast as you can so you can move on to something else. Yeah…really spiritual, I know.

God honors His Word so much that He stakes His reputation on it. Think about it. He keeps His promises for His Name’s sake. He forgives our sin for His Name’s sake. The nature of grace is that it’s all on Him–He extends it to us because of His desire for us. The full weight of His authority is behind His word. When we quote Scripture, we are exercising His delegated authority to us.

I think about the weight of the world that rested on the shoulders of Jesus as He approached the cross. Isaiah 53 tells us that He was utterly despised and rejected, totally familiar with grief, personally acquainted with sorrow. No man has ever suffered the depth to which He went. No man ever will. Jesus not only lived a holy life–He was holiness personified. There was no justifiable reason to punish Him–no one-time mistake that made the cross make sense. He died knowing He was innocent, knowing He had both the right and the power to save Himself, and choosing not to.

By His choice, we have accepted a lighter burden–that of covenant and relationship. The weight that rests on us now is the mantel of authority in brokenness, Holy Spirit power in weakness, honor in going low. May we arise as a Bride with the words of our Beloved springing up from hearts radically in love and into mouths purified and ready to speak the truth in love.

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2 Responses to weight of the Word

  1. Joe says:

    “When we quote Scripture, we are exercising His delegated authority to us.”

    Very well said and so true…how often we are tempted to rush through those passages that are so familiar to us (like Isaiah 53) without fully contemplating their meaning each time we read them. This was a good reminder on how much God has entrusted to us with His Word.

    I followed you over from One Passion One Devotion and just started following you on Twitter. Your blog and writings are an inspiration. Blessings to you !

    • Chrystal says:

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by! I find it so encouraging how technology brings the bride together this way. I think it must make God’s heart smile.

      Thanks also for the follows….and I hope you don’t mind if I return the favor. Blessings!

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