and i thought they just bounced off the ceiling….

i have to admit, i’ve spent way too much time this morning trying to figure out what my costume will be for tomorrow night’s themed game night. 70s night was comparatively easy–i put on a pair of flair slacks, a multi-colored shirt, tied a fringe belt around my forehead and called it a night. david’s fuzzy blond wig, eric’s greased-down hair and lorri’s owl glasses definitely took the cake, though. this week presents a bit more of a challenge. i have an idea…but i’m not sure yet if i can pull it off. we’ll find out (and yes, i’m purposely being vague to protect the surprise factor). i’m kind of hoping we give “apples to apples” a rest and pull out pictionary or charades this time. we’re getting a little “appled out.” hehe.

despite (or maybe because of) these flights into attempted creativity, my thoughts continue to dwell on a “ditty” the Lord gave me this morning. i’m not sure if it first began turning over in my spirit while i was asleep or after i awakened. the message is simply this: “when i call Your name, i know You answer.”

i know it’s a simple thought, but how often we over-complicate life. i was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about how we (in corporate church) are guilty sometimes of talking little ones out of coming to Jesus simply because we can’t believe they’re sincere. we all but dissuade them from answering altar calls because they can’t reason through all of the ifs/ands/buts like we do. and salvation is all about shades of gray….right?

or is it really that simple? is it really just a matter of “i cry and He answers”? are we the ones that miss out because we are too afraid of taking Him at His word?

fear. it always comes back to fear. i’m afraid to risk trusting Him–why? because i don’t want to look foolish if He doesn’t do things my way? or even more than that–because i don’t believe i deserve for Him to do what He promised? but then, God doesn’t act based on our merit or on what we deserve…does He?

i think that’s why david was able to walk in such closeness with God as He did. the psalms prove that he understood God answers us for His own sake. it’s not that i move God to respond to my pleas based on the intensity of my prayer, the number of my tears, or how many days i fast. God is close to the broken-hearted, and He listens to the cries of the oppressed, yes, but He answers for the sake of His Name.

God has a reputation for being strong and mighty to save, and He guards it zealously. when i pray to Him, i know He hears me and i know He answers. it’s that simple.

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3 Responses to and i thought they just bounced off the ceiling….

  1. Jacque says:

    Wow Wow Wow Wow. Now why doesnt God tell ME things like that? I guess I am like you, and out of fear, I think maybe He wont answer my prayer if I trust Him. But you put it so simply….”when I pray to Him, I know He hears me and I know he answers. Its that simple”. I needed that today.

  2. i think we definitely miss out because we are too afraid to take him at his Word. It’s so awesome though that we trust in him for his name’s sake, like you wrote. Not always because we want things done our way or because we think he should do something we want. It all goes back to HIS Will and how he wants to make his glory known in our life…

    Love it! Great post. May we all grow in his grace as we learn what it means to reflect his image… as he’s already said that we were created in his image.

  3. Chrystal says:

    I know I struggle with that! Taking Him at His Word often means we have to let go of control, and that’s not an easy concept (at least, not for me). It requires looking the lie that He withholds things from us squarely in the face and denouncing it for the deception that it is–but in a society where everyone has their own agenda and motives aren’t always clear, it can be difficult to believe that He’s not like that.

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