i’m in love

I heard a question this week that has started changing the way I think. Very simply, someone asked me, “what do you think God feels about you?” I know the “pat” scripture answers we shoot back without really thinking, but I had to answer what I believed He thinks about me–not what I “know” He thinks.

Knowing what He feels about me changes the way I think about myself and the way I treat other people. There is great confidence that comes when I recognized that I am truly loved. Proverbs talks about how the earth shakes under the weight of a woman who is married and not loved/valued the way God created her to feel love. If we are truly to be the Bride of Christ, we must understand that He is radically, passionately, persistently, excessively in love with us, and everything else we do (even down to signs, wonders, and miracles in His name) is simply an overflow that spills over out of the excess of that love.

I’m starting to get it I think, but it’s a definite process. He loves me. HE loves ME–intimately, personally, and to depths I’ve never recognized. It’s the ultimate love story where the beloved opens her eyes and comes to the realization that everything she’s ever wanted has been there waiting for her the entire time.

Who am I? I am a lover…and a beloved…in the most life-changing love story ever penned. So do you know who you are?

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